Ford C-MAX Allows You to Choose Your Driving Styles

There are a lot of needs that are starting to be met with vehicles. One of the needs is the ability to restrict driving. This is something that we at Malouf Ford have seen the 2018 Ford C-MAX manage to handle. There are certain features that make driving better.

One feature that enables you to restrict driving is the MyKey feature. This type of feature will make sure that great driving habits are encouraged. This will help you avoid any collisions. Among the things you can do is make a MyKey program and set up certain keys to be a part of the program. It only takes a few minutes.

This feature fits in well with the other features which encourage safe and efficient driving such as Park Assist, SmartGauge with EcoGuide and plenty of other features that help people be aware of what is around them when they are on the road.

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