Experience the Performance of the Ford Focus Electric

The Ford Focus EV models remain popular for their fuel economy, which is rated at 118/96. The compact cars come standard with a 107-kW electric motor that is powered by the liquid-cooled, Li-on battery. Rather than having to stand in line at the filling station. Simply insert the charging cord into a 120-volt outlet. Ford also offers a 240-volt home charging station, which makes having an electric vehicle that much more convenient.

The unique cluster display provides various driving-associated information. Monitor speed and power consumption at a glance. The “brake coach” and colorful butterfly displays help enable you to monitor your driving progress and make the necessary corrections to enhance power economy. Let the Ford Focus EV introduce you to the eco-friendly way to drive. Let us show you all of the EV's capabilities. Take one for a test drive at Malouf Ford.

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