Ford Taurus Design Features Improve Safety

The new Ford Taurus has gained a reputation for being a popular full-size sedan because it has found a way to incorporate safety into the design features too. Here are two features that look impressive, but serve to make your ride safer.

The rear of the new Ford Taurus has a sleek spoiler that looks impressive, but it's working hard to make your ride safer too. In addition to the spoiler reducing drag and increasing the fuel economy of the car, it is working to stabilize the ride when traveling at high speed.

What makes the LED tail lamps on the Ford Taurus so impressive. These lights not only are brighter to alert traffic you're on the road, they turn on faster using less energy to help give other drivers a chance to react to your vehicle.

Take the new Ford Taurus out for a test drive today when you visit Malouf Ford!

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