Ford Edge ST's Hair-Raising Performance

The 2019 Ford Edge ST is the upgraded model of the standard Ford Edge. The ST has gained a loyal following because the vehicle offers so many wonderful benefits. Technological advancements, copious amounts of torque and stunning good-looks can be found with this particular model. Here's a bit more information.

Thanks to the ST's advancements in technology, this vehicle can now take its driving experience through the roof. From its performance-tuned suspension to its Ford Co-Pilot 360 technology, your driving experience has been fully improved. Intelligent all-wheel drive with AWD Disconnect technology will allow the front wheels to propel the vehicle while reducing drag. The cabin's ST and logo stitching gives the front seats a sleeker appearance. There are also multiple USB ports as well as wireless phone charging. What more could you ever ask for in an SUV?

Our dealership has a nice selection of the 2019 Ford Edge ST. Don't feel shy to stop by and take a test drive.

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