Explore All the Latest Technology Available in the Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is a popular subcompact car with all the latest technology you need to enhance your daily driving experience. From touchscreen and voice-activated commands to a state-of-the-art travel system, the Fiesta offers the complete technology package.

Bring the power of Amazon Alexa to your subcompact car with the Ford/Alexa app. The app delivers the power to control all of your smart home devices from your car. You also have access to traffic information, voice navigation, and Amazon Prime shopping once you connect the app. FordPass lets you start, lock and unlock your Ford Fiesta from virtually anywhere, and you can use it to pay for almost any service you need.

If you are ready to experience all the latest technology the Ford Fiesta has to offer, visit us today at Malouf Ford in North Brunswick, NJ, and find out how the sleek user interface with touchscreen capabilities enhances your daily commute.

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