Ford Super Duty Capability Features

When you need to purchase a heavy-duty pickup, your first concern is that it can get your jobs done. The Ford Super Duty is one of Malouf Ford's most popular cars precisely because of its wide variety of capability features that help it accomplish a vast range of industrial-strength tasks.

One of the key aspects of the Ford Super Duty that sets it apart from all the rest is its gooseneck towing capacity. With a 27,500-lb. 5th wheel capacity and a 35,000-gooseneck capacity, the auto industry has declared this truck is the best in its class for towing capacity.

That isn't the only place where the Ford Super Duty is tops. It also exceeds all other trucks over 8,000 pounds when it comes to backing out. Its Trailer Reverse Guidance feature makes it easier than ever to pull out safely while seeing the direction of both truck and trailer.

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