Automatic Technology in the Ford Escape

The Ford Escape is a popular crossover that's capable of providing you with assistance when you need it most. The vehicle is available at Malouf Ford with some great tech features that can help you stay safe and ready for anything.

The innovative rain-sensing windshield wipers are a must-have feature for drivers in Brunswick, NJ. The wipers feature small sensors that are sensitive enough to detect moisture. When it starts to sprinkle rain, the wipers will turn on automatically so that you can focus on the road. You can even adjust the sensitivity of the wipers and program them to turn on once the rain starts reaching a certain level of intensity.

To complement the wipers, you can get the Automatic High Beams feature. Ambient light sensors on the crossover let the headlight system know when it's safe to initiate high beam mode. The sensors can detect oncoming vehicles and revert back to low beam mode as a courtesy.

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