The 2019 Ford Expedition Is Truly A Step Above The Rest

There are many vehicle types that can match the comfort and overall usability of driving an SUV. Navigating the streets of North Brunswick, NJ to get to the places you want and do the things that you need to are simply easier most times in an SUV. The 2019 Ford Expedition is a full-sized SUV that not only seeks to excel against other vehicle types but also against other SUVs.

The new Ford Expedition is simply designed to do more, and you'll begin to discover just what when you visit Malouf Ford. It has an available Cargo Manager, for instance. With it, drivers will be able to take advantage of the more than adequate storage area fitting in more bags and equipment.

Powering the 2019 Ford Expedition is a 3.5L EcoBoost engine. Direct injection and intercooled turbocharge technology are blended seamlessly. The result is the most powerful Expedition engine to date, but also one that gets the most out of every drop of gas.

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