Meet the New Ford Explorer

The new Ford Explorer has made a bold impressive for 2020 and for good reasons. This popular three-row SUV has it all from a distinct exterior to exceptional features for the interior. Consumers can expect to receive an engine that's high powered for better performance.

The new Ford Explorer has an open layout for its interior. Up to seven individuals can seat in the cabin. All of the vehicle's controls are in arm's reach of the driver. For the exterior, the new Ford Explorer has done an amazing job of constructing the SUV's frame. This aerodynamic frame has bold contours along the door panels, and the hood is sculpted subtly. Adaptive-LED lights are equipped on the front-end. The rear of the SUV also sports bold LEDs. Ford ends things by offering a variety of trim levels.

We want all SUV enthusiasts to swing by our dealership for a free test drive.

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